Bathroom Remodel for Aging in Place Seniors in West Bridgewater, MA; Walk in Tubs & More

More and more people are finding the benefits that come from aging in place, or staying in your current home as you continue to age. This makes sense for many people when they make the right adjustments to their home so that it is conducive to their health issues and needs. C Townsend Construction is here to talk about ways you can transform your bathroom into a bathroom that will help you age in place.

Create a Beautiful Bathroom for the Ages

When people think about transforming their bathroom to facilitate aging in place, they may think that these are large, drastic changes. In fact, there are several things you can do to make your bathroom usable as you get older, and they aren’t as drastic as you may think.
Walk In Tubs/Tub Seats: As people age, getting in and out of a traditional tub may be near impossible. The slippery surface of the bathtub, combined with the difficulty getting in and out leave many elderly people unable to do it at all. A walk in tub or a tub seat allow easy access into the bathtub.
Install Grab Bars: Many surfaces in the bathroom become extremely slippery when they get wet. Installing grab bars in areas of your bathroom that are especially dangerous will increase the safety of the space dramatically.
Improve Lighting: Not only do you want an increase in the amount of lighting when creating an age in place bathroom, but you may want to install light switches that are rocker style rather than the traditional light switches.
Widened Doorway: Even if you aren’t in a wheelchair, you will most likely want to widen the door to your bathroom. You never know when or if you may need a wheelchair down the road.
Change the Flooring: If you have a slippery tile on the floor of your bathroom, you may want to consider a flooring option that doesn’t carry such a high risk of falling when wet. Vinyl flooring is a great choice for age in place bathrooms because they aren’t as slippery when they are wet as well as a cost effective choice.
Handicap Accessible Vanity: You may want to consider having the vanity lowered a bit to facilitate a wheelchair if the need should ever arise.

Bathroom Remodel & More in Stoughton, Randolph, Holbrook, Abington, West Bridgewater, Brockton & Avon, Massachusetts

If you have thought about transforming your bathroom into a space that could facilitate aging in place, you can count on the experts at C Townsend Construction to help you reach that goal. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can help you design a bathroom that will make sense as you age. We will give you a home assessment that will show you areas in your home that could use some modifying so that they are more conducive to aging in place. Call us today for your free consultation with our design team!