Family Room Addition Ideas in Avon, MA; Master Bedroom, Bathroom, Home Office & More

Many people fall in love with their home; the location, neighbors, perfect layout, or other characteristics that make a home yours. Though there are plenty to love about your home, there is always room for improvement and for a multitude of reasons. Today, we at C Townsend Construction would like to share the top reasons why a room addition might be the best solution for your home’s improvement.

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Add a Master Bedroom: Adding a bedroom is a fairly common need. Whether you want to grow the family, move the in-laws in, or add a master bedroom on home that is missing one, adding a bedroom can help improve the day to day living. Adding a bedroom can save you the heartache and stress of moving into a home that accommodates more bedrooms.
Adding a Bathroom: Families constantly battling each other for time in the bathroom is a sure reason to add a bathroom to your home. A new bathroom offers more space for a growing family. With a new bathroom, you also can have a luxurious add-on with your bathroom that every trip to bathroom is almost like a day in the spa with your bathtub and shower featuring modern upgrades such as steam, jet sprays, and more.
Add-on to the Kitchen: Older kitchens were solely designed for cooking, but where many kitchens these days are the heart of the home and often need a remodel and added space to accommodate a modern lifestyle. Whether you are adding on a room for dining, or a pantry a kitchen add-on can really help you. Extra space in the kitchen gives you room for upgraded and luxury appliances, opens the room up for cooking, and offers more features for families who frequently convene in the kitchen.
Home Office Addition: Lots of people work from home or need a quiet place to continue working when they get home. Not only is a home office ideal for those who earn their income at home, but a quite place away from the distractions to get the bill, taxes, or other responsibilities done is another reason as to why a home office is what you need. An elegant futon will give you a comfortable place to work and serve as an extra bedroom when you want to put up visitors.
Playroom Family Room: Before too long, the kids take over your living room, leaving with you no place sane to entertain guests or simply watch some TV. Playrooms offer many benefits such as simplifying play dates where the kids have a localized area to play. Giving you a tidier home since all of the toys and play time is in a room as opposed to having it scattered throughout the home. Offers more room in the child’s bedroom and less distractions with their toys of the room where they sleep or get homework done.
Aging in Place: When the children have grown up and moved out of the house, adding a room can be a better option than moving. If you need to build an extra master bedroom on the first floor because climbing stairs becomes a challenge with health limitations, retain your home and independence with the master bedroom downstairs. Add a bathroom more accommodating to your needs featuring custom features such as zero edge showers, handrails, shower seating, and non-slip attributes.

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No matter what the add-on to your home is, C Townsend Construction is readily available to get it done with quality workmanship. Call us today to schedule your consultation.