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To improve day-to-day life, a vastly growing trend among homeowners is getting the laundry room remodeled. Prioritizing convenience is what most experts agree on. The needs of you and your family need to be accommodated in the laundry room. To better fit your wants, no matter if you want it to serve as a mud room, be near a bedroom, bathroom, or adjacent to the kitchen, the laundry room remodel needs planning. Particularly if it is positioned on the second floor, the laundry room is prone to accidental flooding and should be waterproofed. With the washing and drying machine consider the noise that associates with it. When you decide to remodel the laundry room, the possibilities are endless and today, we at C Townsend Constructionwould like to share a few suggestions.

Laundry Room Remodel Ideas; Converting a Closet, Custom Cabinet Storage Solutions & More

1) Laundry Room Paint Colors & Decor: The most dreaded work takes place in the laundry room, cleaning, ironing, and folding clothes. To improve the space alone, having the workspace in bright cheery colors can be a great way. Yellow or orange are stunning among other vibrant citrus tones like lime green. In any case, you want to select colors that will uplift your mood. With playfully painted cabinets or shelves with crisp white walls can be another thrilling sight. If you prefer neutrals the painting doesn’t have to be elaborate, or out of your comfort zone. Adding visual interest to the walls with pattern and texture is another way to add spice. You can do it with stencils, backsplash, wallpaper, or even paint the top 1/3rd of the wall and the bottom can be wainscoting.
2) Countertops in Laundry Room: A well-added feature in your laundry room are folding clothes placing your basket, and products on the countertops. The countertops can be a clever design that also has its uses where you have the space.
3) Multi-functional Laundry Room: Laundry room can serve additional purposes, is space permits. Some options include store the sporting equipment, craft room, household cleaning supplies, and mud room, among other selections.
4) Converting a Closet or Other Space into a Laundry Room: Another clever option for a more concealed laundry room, especially if space is limited is converting a hall, home office or guest room closet into a laundry room. So doors can close, and appliances can function without any impedance, be aware of surrounding areas and clearance.
5) Custom Cabinet Storage: To help add to storage and organization solutions, custom cabinets in your laundry room is a solution. Hide-away ironing board, drawers, hanger rack, and so much more with many selections that can add charm, and performance among other options. When it comes to your storage options custom drawers and cabinets is not the limit. Another ideal option includes clothes bars, cubicles for laundry baskets, and floating shelves. The cubicles can also be an easy way to separate loads from colors, whites, delicates, towels, sheets, and bulky items.
6) Improved Laundry Room Lighting: The laundry room, is dark and windowless, more often than not. Good lighting is vital, some options overhead fixtures or a combination and under-cabinet lighting should be considered. Better lighting can make the tasks more effective.

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