Kitchen Cabinets, Pantry & Other Storage Ideas to Hide Small Appliances & Clutter in Avon, MA

There are many fine-quality choices you can make to improve the aesthetics of your home and kitchen with upgrades and renovations. From customized and unique traits to popular trends, the colors, textures, materials, fixtures, and appliances can completely alter the look and dynamics of your kitchen. Currently, more and more homeowners are preferring features that conceal the appliances. Today we at C Townsend Construction would like to share a few creative options to hide your appliances along with some other ideal features in your kitchen and other rooms.

Kitchen Shelf Swings & Locks

Invest in shelf swings up and locks to provide a solid surface with 100-pound capacity. To store your kitchen mixers and other small appliances like the broiler oven, griddle, coffee maker, toaster, and other gadgets, take advantage of this among other exciting storage ideas.

Spice Drawer Organizer

Instead of cluttering the counter space, your spice racks can still be right at your fingertips with in-drawer spice rack organizers. They are designed as easy to remove sections for simple cleaning.

Double Door Pantry Cabinet

Without having to drag them out onto your countertops, a double-door pantry, large and massive with a sturdy countertop height shelf with electrical outlet hook ups is especially nice to hide the microwave and other bulky, electrical devices while staying behind closed doors.

Home Office Technology in Kitchen

To provide options to incorporate new technology, pocket doors or garage type cabinet the countertop/wall cabinets can keep your workspace uncluttered. Installed in your kitchen (or home office), cabinets can easily be concealed with flat roll-out shelves and drawers for the unsightly printers, fax machines, office equipment, keyboards and other such items. Modern homes feature cabinetry details that have built-in charging stations for all your electronics like laptops, cell phones, tablets, and watches.

Kitchen Cabinet Blind Corner Solutions

In blind base storage, such as designs for corner cabinets, have both shelves move independently of each other. The pull-out swivels to a 90-degree open position, where the back shelves slide forward on a non-slip finish to provide total access with shelves. You can free up time as you engage in more with the things you love without searching too long for easily accessible items.

Other Kitchen Storage Ideas

– Vegetable wicker baskets cleverly placed can offer storage while keeping onions and potatoes fresher, longer.
– Conceal dishtowels, and sponges in drawer space or hooks or shelves on cabinet doors.
– Fit your pots and pans in the bottom adjustable rack, and the top rack can holds lids.
– In a solid wood pull-out with full extension guides for the trash containers and baskets, creatively hide the trash bins. Bacteria-resistant solid poly is set in these containers.
– Ironing board and iron concealment. Installed directly in your laundry room, kitchen or bathroom cabinetry, a convenient ironing board shelf can save space as you store the iron, ironing products, as you fold and lock the ironing board in place.

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