Newest Kitchen Trends of 2019 that Will Last in Abington, MA; Backsplash Wall Tile & More

The kitchen is the heart of many homes. The family centers their activities in the kitchen with eager chefs looking to satisfy their family and friends, families gather for meals, snacks, visiting, and projects around the table. In any case, where the kitchen is usually something people frequently want to renovate, whether due to needing some restoration from wear and tear or simply want to update their kitchen more fitting for their needs. Today, C Townsend Construction would like to share the popular trends homeowners are implementing into their kitchen remodeling projects.

Open Kitchen Shelving

Designed to impress, open shelving is among the most popular trends as it allows homeowners to create unique and artful displays with serving pieces, dishware, or showcase decorative collections. It contributes to an airier fell, making the kitchen seem larger, as well as giving you the opportunity to have more of the wall coloring to show. Also, the open shelving offers more customization options. Material selections that are popular for open shelves include stainless-steel, wood, and glass.

Modern Built In Bar

For those that often entertain guests, more homeowners are opting to build in a sizable bar in your kitchen. It does not have to overwhelmingly large or take up too much space in you new kitchen, but custom sized cabinet/shelves are a great design. Small nooks can be designed into the bar, for wine bottles, spirits, and even snacks. A wall-fixed table with smooth edges to avoid the danger of sharp corners can even be fitted into a narrower space.

Custom Kitchen Island Table Combination

Islands have been a classic trend for years, as it comes in handy for storage options and for the multitasker. Even with minimal kitchen space the islands can be custom fitted for your needs. Not only can they be useful for storage purposes, creating a platform for food preparation, and can be used as an additional dining area if needed, but it can also be an aesthetic focal piece for the kitchen.

Popular Kitchen Color Trends

Psychologists have discovered that colors significantly impact the moods and emotions. When you are doing your kitchen’s remodel, do not necessarily focus on the current color scheme trends, but more or less something that makes a serene environment for you and your family. Be sure they blend harmoniously, and they complement the kitchen’s style. Avoid over saturating the kitchen with a single color and be sure that your primary color, accent color, and trim colors are all ideal.

Options for Kitchen Countertops

Countertop material needs to be considered material. Ensure they resist stains and other issues. Consider the maintenance involved and the longevity. Countertops need to have food prep in mind. Popular among homeowners, is the stainless steel, granite, and quartz countertops and they are the most common; however, they each have their pros and cons.

Kitchen Backsplash Wall Tile

Kitchen remodels often involve appliance upgrades, enhancing the cabinets, updating the countertops, flooring, and wall space, but a growing trend is installing creative backsplashes. Color, patterns, and textures play a role and should blend in with the rest of the kitchen well. With the visual impact, the backsplash should be a nice finishing touch to the overall style of your kitchen.

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