Restoring an Old Historic House in Randolph, MA; Decorating with Antiques in a Modern Style & More

Throughout Massachusetts, many homeowners have the pleasure of owning a historic home. As one can expect a lot of these old homes eventually need some restoration. As most romantic notions go, bringing an old home back to life, when done right, is an extraordinary experience. However, there are a few things you should know before taking on this endeavor, and we at C Townsend Construction, historic home restoration specialists, would like to offer a brief guide to get you started.

Historic Home Restoration Guide

1) Hire Historic Home Restoration Contractors. The first thing to consider when taking on the project to restore your home is to enlist the specialists with experience, training, and skills. There is a lot of intricate detail that is involved in restoring a historic home. Most professionals begin with the consultation and assessment. They will catalog all the details and document the historical details of importance. Often, the photographs help them capture the details. If necessary, demolition is done to find original walls and uncover chimneys and fireplaces. Being an intricate and careful process, professionals spend a lot of time prepping and planning for the restoration.
2) See What’s Behind Your Walls. Inspecting can reveal a lot of different things behind the walls and until the work begins, there is no telling what will be found. In some instances, it is highly beneficial to the homeowners as removing out-of-place cabinetry, siding, or finishes can lead to the discovery of authentic millwork, flooring, or even fireplaces that is original to the house, that can be then restored to its original glory. However, that same layer can lead to discovering bigger problems like a completely rotted put roof or wood trim that is severely decayed. This is not only better for homeowners of historic houses to know for planning but understanding this can cause a delay or an unexpected expense. Both should be accountable to plan your renovation, so you can plan the time of the project with some cushion as well as your budget to cover potential, unforeseen issues.
3) Historic House Renovation Takes Time! A historic home renovation is an exciting project, but like any project you want quality workmanship, it requires time. You cannot rush any restoration project, but especially when you have a historical home. Typically, you need to plan on 12 months of work if you expect the maximum outcome to restore your historical home.
4) Decorate with Antiques in a Modern Style. Your home does not have to feel like a museum to preserve the historical significance. There can be a modern spin on the antique properties of your home. More often than not, most professionals, such as C Townsend Construction, know which historical elements are needed to preserve the historical elements and where you can inter-grade the modern conveniences.

Historical Home Restoration Services & More in Stoughton, Randolph, Holbrook, Abington, West Bridgewater, Brockton & Avon, Massachusetts

When you have a historical home in the Greater Avon, MA area that needs restoration, call C Townsend Construction and let our experts help you get your historical home restored without sacrificing modern attributes. We will assess your home and offer suggestions and recommendations that can really enhance the historical elements of your home.