Unique Kitchen Cabinet Hardware in Brockton, MA; Should I Use Knobs or Pulls & More

Remodeling the kitchen after your individual preferences can get that customized kitchen you want. When it comes to planning, layout, material and appliance upgrades, textures, colors, and storage options are usually discussed. The kitchen hardware, however, is often merely an afterthought, but though a seemingly minor detail, the hardware can complete the look of your kitchen and enhance the aesthetics dramatically. With the hardware being more meaningful than what you may suppose, we at C Townsend Construction would like to offer suggestions for choosing the right hardware for you and your kitchen remodeling project.

Should I Use Knobs or Pulls on Kitchen Cabinets?

You can help narrow your options by 50% once you decide whether you want knobs or pulls. Selecting the knob versus pull options need to be weighed in both function and form. For instance, you can use a steady firm grip to offer more speed with the simple use of pulls. Where knobs are practical, they can make a kitchen look outdated, but combine the knobs on cabinets and pulls on the drawers can make for a fun visual dynamic. Tending to be less expensive, knobs do not make quite the statement pulls do, so they are fairly basic to allow other features to shine in the spotlight. Enhancing the attractive and sophisticated look, pulls make more of an impact to the kitchen’s style.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Finishes

The finish of the hardware can boost the kitchen’s look or bring it down. A vital element to the kitchen’s style, chrome, brass, and brushed nickel finishes are available among others. Should you opt to combine knobs and pulls, you should still ensure the finish matches. Consciously keep in mind the metal accents in the kitchen such as light fixtures, faucets, and appliances. Contrast is always beautiful, think of white cabinets with black hardware for example. Complimentary options can be warm tone cabinets with gold, black, or bronze hardware; or use silver, black, or pewter looks amazing with gray cabinets for example.

Kitchen Hardware Design Trends from Modern to Traditional

Evaluate the other features and elements of the kitchen to help you choose the style for the hardware. Inspect the cabinets, light fixtures, and countertop edges and see what kind of lines are dominant, such as square or curved. Square lines tend to have a more contemporary look where curved lines are more traditional. Select your hardware to fit in the general design.

Practical Kitchen Hardware

The aesthetics of the hardware can mean little if the hardware is uncomfortable and awkward. To complete the duties in the kitchen, you want functional hardware that doesn’t require hindering manipulation to increase the efficiency and comfort. Consider pets, small kids, and elderly and how the hardware effects the household.

Kitchen Hardware Budget

When it comes to remodeling, people have their priorities so when the budget wanes, cost sometimes needs to be trimmed down. Just keep in mind that your hardware should not sacrifice quality and it good to have extras for needed replacements.

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Also, though hardware is readily available through online shopping, experts agree that you should visit the showrooms and stores to see them firsthand and see how they look and feel. You want the hardware to fit the budget, have the right color, style, and handling. Don’t settle but select the hardware to complete your kitchen’s remodel. C Townsend Construction can help you complete your dream kitchen remodeling project. Call us today for your consultation appointment!