What to Consider when Remodeling a Kitchen in Randolph, MA; Neutral Colors, Work Triangle & More

Even if you are not a gourmet chef, many homeowners choose to remodel and customize their kitchen to improve their individual needs. Taking the time to research kitchen remodeling topics and ideas, a lot of people will discover many interesting ideas they take as their own and apply it to their kitchen remodeling project. Additionally, they are likely to find some general rules or guidelines to follow as you undertake a kitchen remodeling. However, many of these guidelines were ideal decades ago and when you remodel your kitchen, worth breaking. Today, we at CTownsend Construction would like to share the top guidelines that are worth breaking to make your kitchen remodeling more fitting to your needs and style.

Do You have to Choose Neutral Colors or Scheme in Kitchen?

One rule commonly shared, is to stick with neutral colors in the kitchen. Where this might make sense to some, it is not a law by any means. There are many ideas for a kitchen that can help make it look more visually striking, or more unique. Such examples including emerald or a deep red color for the cabinets, or even a primarily neutral paint but with the perfect color for the accent wall. This is your home, if you have no plans for reselling in the near future, paint the kitchen according to your preferences. Consider a cohesive color scheme for your walls, cabinets, trim, appliances, floors, ceiling, and countertops.

Is Kitchen Work Triangle Outdated?

The kitchen triangle rule has been a thing since the beginning of time, at least far back enough no one really knows it origins. The space connecting the refrigerator, sink, and stove is known as the kitchen triangle. Though for some, it makes sense, it is not a declaration written in stone. Be sure to do what is right for your dynamics and daily routines routine when you design the kitchen’s layout in your remodeling.

Do Appliances & Fixtures in Kitchen have to Match?

Though some prefer it, others may find that when everything is overly matched, the visual interest in the kitchen is lost, resulting in a cold and sterile feel. There are many options to break up the mundane. For a stunning kitchen, consider a focal point; it can be an accent wall, light fixture, the cabinetry, or even the island. Use a bold color to enhance its focal point. Enough pizzazz can be more subtle with hardware such as knobs and pulls, to make the kitchen a little more unique, and something that can be easily switched out over the years to help offer some changes when you need it. In a nutshell, the kitchen does not have to match whole-heartily, it is your kitchen to apply what you need and what.

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These are just a few common guidelines some people uphold. Ultimately, you can apply these guidelines as you see fit or alter them to better suit your individual style and preferences. Your contractor can assist with your kitchen’s design and help you choose what works for you. When you are ready to make-over your kitchen, call CTownsend Construction and let our certified specialists make your dream kitchen a reality.